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We Crowdsource Customer Support

Help people and earn cash

Gig is a place to earn extra cash while helping people around the world. We are partnering with some of the world's most exciting brands, and allowing them to crowdsource their customer support to the people who love their products the most, you.

Earn Extra Cash

Every time you help a customer solve their problem, you earn money. You will know how much you will earn before you choose to help the customer, so there are no surprises.

Work From Anywhere

If you have an internet connection and a device, you can help customers with their support needs. Earn money from home, the park, a train and any other place you can imagine.

Control Your Lifestyle

Earn as much as much or as little as you like. No need to call in late or sick, you don’t have a boss! You are in control of how much you work, and how much you earn.

The Four Stages of Helping a Customer with Gig

Stage One.

Customers ask for help.

Customers from your favorite brands ask a question. Sometimes they ask from social media, sometimes email, sometimes a support community, it doesn’t matter, we like all kinds of customer questions.

Stage Two.

Support tickets.

Our technology guides these customer questions to the Gig platform, and they become a support ticket. Brand Advocates (you) have access to the support tickets and can assign them to yourself; as many as you like, from wherever you are. Each ticket is worth a certain amount of money, and you are in control of how much you earn.

Stage Three.

Help the customer.

This is where the magic happens. Brand Advocates chat with the customer and solve their problem. We expect our Brand Advocates to love the product they are supporting, and to act as absolute professionals when communicating with customers.

Stage Four.

Get paid.

Every week, our platform calculates the value of the support tickets you have completed and the brand pays the amount straight into your bank account. We do all of the boring stuff, so you can concentrate on helping customers. Simple.

Become a brand advocate

Support the brands you love and earn extra cash.

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