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XCOM-Style Web App 11-04-17


Playing around with Angular. I haven't really created a project until now because I see enough of Angular at work. This little application is simple enough for now. It displays the globe (albeit in 2D form) along with a bunch of randomly generated objects flying around (UFOs, interceptors, bases, etc). I'm particularly invested in maximizing performance from the browser, which involves a lot of architectural tweaking.

Live Project

Working for FavorTech Consulting

I've found work down in Melbourne, Florida. FTC is a federal contracting company for the Veteran's Affairs Department, specifically to update health systems.

Userscripts 03-09-17

Written in Javascript

Wrote a couple of minor userscripts. Userscripts are little snippets of javascript that are applied to webpages as they load. Primarily, they are used to rid the webpage from ads or offer enhanced functionality to content. I wrote a tiny bit of code that removes Youtube "suggested" content (pulled from personal playlists) from the sidebar. I also wrote a bit of script that removes sponsored job postings from my Indeed.com searches. Those jobs often don't fit the search parameters. I've done a couple more userscripts in the past, but these ones are quick, dirty, and functional for personal use.

My Scripts

Spring Break 03-03-17

Java Spring

Going to test my skills exclusively on Spring this break. Update: I'm working to create a server that takes image files uploaded through a form, processes them (cutting them into segments and saving as files), and shows the user a js cube with the segments on the corresponding sides. Update: Those basics are complete, but I also need to get the Spring app live on a docker image and bring in user logins, Spring Security, and a payment system. After all of that, some more backend stuff (alongside some scheduled maintenance tasks) must be written.

PHP Server Upgrade 01-08-17

Transitioned to PHP

I've upgraded my server with an image that can process php (going from 28MB to 743MB). I rewrote my entire site taking advantage of PHP. These project sections are now stored in a local SQLite DB, which is accessed by PHP to yield dynamic pages. I also added and Ace editor that will display code easily and cleanly. I've never really worked with PHP, so getting this entire transition done inside of a day is pretty exciting. Finally, I cleaned out the server directories of old files and code (the old one was getting quite cluttered).

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